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Everyone has things that make them uneasy. For some, it’s a fear of needles. Others might have problems feeling relaxed in any kind of medical situation. Still others are uncomfortable with dental visits. If dental visits cause you stress, you certainly aren’t alone. Fortunately, with sedation dentistry, you can visit the dentist, have the dental work you need to have great dental health, and reduce the amount of stress you feel.

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In Dr. Giamo’s office, there are two types of sedation commonly used to help patients  relax and  to receive the dental care they need. The first is oral conscious sedation. This process includes medications prescribed before the dental visit, and is typically taken orally about an hour before the appointment. Each prescription is written with the individual patient in mind, and is tailored to each one’s needs. The purpose of oral conscious sedation isn’t to knock the patient out, though some do fall asleep, it is to relax and comfort the patient to facilitate a pleasant dental experience. There are few, if any, side effects and most patients report that their dental visit is stress and anxiety free. Oral conscious sedation allows anxious patients the ability to receive care without becoming upset and stressed.

Another sedation dentistry technique commonly used at Dr. Giamo’s practice is nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is one of the most well known forms of dental sedation. Composed of a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, it is a safe gas inhaled prior to dental procedures. Most people report feelings of euphoria and relaxation while under its effects. It temporarily decreases most sensations, such as hearing, and sensations of pain and touch. It also reduces the effects of certain emotional centers, which makes it ideal for patients who suffer from dental anxiety and stress. With the options in sedation dentistry available, anyone who experiences stress and anxiety to the point of avoiding receiving the dental care they need no longer needs to worry. Dr. Giamo and his experienced, well-trained staff, are on hand to explain the various types of sedation available and help you find the right one for your needs. Call and schedule an appointment today at his Napa dental office and learn more about how sedation dentistry can work for you. Your dental health and your smile will thank you for it.